What type of Parent are You?

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An essential part of being a good parent is being good to yourself. For the record, I'm absolutely in line with the perspective of our children ALWAYS come first, however, you can not give of an empty glass. The glass must have some content to provide for others.

In my line of business, I've worked with 3 types of parents. 


1. They have to be taught and convinced about the need of their children to have unconditional love, affection, and time; not just discipline and the provision of basic needs. These parents tend to give physically and require their own healing and education to give emotionally. 


2. They have to be taught that part of being a healthy parent is implementing boundaries and expectations, along with providing rewards for achievement and withholding rewards for failure to meet those expectations. These parents tend to overcompensate emotionally resulting from their parent's lack of empathy and sensitivity during their childhood.


3. I called these parents my wise yet imperfect parents! They don't allow the mistakes made by their children to compromise their love. Their consistency of high and realistic expectations, effective discipline and unconditional love doesn't prevent the child from doing wrong but convicts them when they do wrong in a manner that encourages them to make better choices moving forward. These parents are usually able to give emotionally, mentally and physically. 


These groups of parents mirror the concept of different types of thinking in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) developed by Psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan. One of the gifts of life is life itself... what I'm referring to is another day you live to right some wrongs and create new memories. Regardless of the type of parent you identify with, there is always room for growth. The better we are, the better our children are for it.



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