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As we come to the end of 2017, we have so much to be thankful for and so many things to look forward to.  Most of us often forget to celebrate the wins that happen during our journey towards the ultimate goals we set for ourselves.  These wins, regardless of how big or small, should be recognized and celebrated as much as possible! 



As we look back on our own goals/commitments, I can honestly say I’ve celebrated all of our wins, Big and Small.  You should take time to celebrate your own Wins.  

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Here’s just a few we’ll celebrate again with you…And yes, you can re-celebrate them! 


1. In March 2017, Max the Blue jay was added to the Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Catalog!  Tampa Families that may not be able to purchase a copy of our books, can now find them in their local Public Library!  This Win helped us to reach more children without a cost to their families.

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2.  In June 2017, we started this Blog and I couldn’t be happier with each one we had the pleasure of creating for you.  The wonderful contributions made by guest bloggers were more than we could ever ask for!  If you're thinking about writing a blog, the best advice I could give would be to Just Start!  Don't overthink it, start writing now.

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3.  In September 2017, we completed and launched our 2nd installment of the Max the Blue Jay Series on November 20th!  The book launch was held at the best Doughnut Shop in Tampa, FL.  The Mini Doughnut Factory!  We had a Blast with their amazing team and all who came out to celebrate with us!


4.  In October 2017, we were invited to Barnes and Noble for a Book Signing!  It was an amazing experience, being able to share the Max the Blue Jay Series with all who attended the event.  It was priceless!  


5.  In December 2017, we're featured as a Local Author on the Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library’s Website!  This journey has been amazing for us and we have so much further to go!  We only hope you'll stick around for the ride...

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focus on the daily grind! 

We can attribute our year of Wins to setting goals/commitments and doing everything in our power to tackle them on a daily basis.  Most of us repeatedly set out to accomplish every goal we set for the year.  However, in reality, that may or may not happen during the time-frame we set. 

This is why I decided tackle would be a better action word for me personally, Action being the "power word" here!  Once I adapted to this type of thinking and doing, the wins automatically became a bi-product of tackling my goals/commitments. 

our definition of Tackle...

Tackle- (verb) to make a determined effort to grind at (insert your goal/commitment here) every single day.


What goals/commitments are you setting out to Tackle in 2018?  Start Tackling them today and don’t forget to celebrate your Wins, Big and Small.  Take Action, Tackle Daily and Celebrate your Wins!!


Until Next Time…#bethefaceofkindness

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