5 Reasons we all need Story Time

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It’s a Good Excuse to Leave the House.

The desire to escape the monotony of our daily life is apparent at times, so why not take a trip to your local bookstore and get lost in the many adventures waiting for you.  Story Time is a great excuse for parents and children to take some time off the hamster wheel of life.  And it’s FREE!



Discover New Books.

Thousands of children’s book titles are waiting for you and your children to uncover. Story Time is your chance to enjoy the best of them.  Take the time to introduce your self to the many characters and places that can forever be unknown without Story Time.


Advance Literacy and Pre-Reading Skills.

Parents help your child get a head start with exposing them to words that rhyme, sounds with emphasis, pictures that speak a thousand words and how similar words have the same meanings.  Teaching your child these skills early will help with independent reading and communicating, which will impress their teachers and peers when they start school.


Develop an Early Love of Reading.

These days, many children have left traditional reading behind in favor of screen time. While we appreciate our growing technology, we also understand how important it is to instill a love of reading in our little ones. The earlier you fall in love with reading, the more likely you are to enjoy all walks of literature for the rest of your life.  Story Time is only the beginning!


Have a good time!

Just in case reasons one through four or “Free” didn’t do it for you, Story Time is “FUN”. We want to help you get passionate about reading with your children, and having a good time!  We make great effort in incorporating reading, music, eating, crafting, socializing and did we mention eating? We love reading to your kids and adding our Bekind recipe to the mix.  We want to make sure you know that kindness is shared, crafts are made and lessons are learned every time we meet.  

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next time we're in your neck of the woods.  We'd love to see you and your wonderful family there.  

Until next time...#bethefaceofkindness