Something your children need TO SURVIVE, THAT YOU CAN'T BUY!

    Are you still thinking?   Parents your children need your TIME!


Are you still thinking? Parents your children need your TIME!

Your time that’s free of constant glances at the clock, reminders of the long to do list, or criticism. As a Therapist, one of my first conversations with parents regardless of their family's presenting issues or concerns, is about the amount of positive time spent together as a family. By positive time, I'm referring to compliments, acknowledgement of their strengths, and lots of FUN. Some of us may be familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs which depicts that after our basic safety and physiological needs are met, there is a need for belonging which is only met through intimate relationships, love and acceptance. In other words, there is a level of need we all have that require an investment of time.

Find the time

Communication is key.

The truth is, the happenings of life seem to create time we already don't have in our lives without an invitation. We must purposely plan time to have fun with our babies by reading, playing games, eating our favorite foods or snacks and connecting over our similarities. Think about it, how do you get to know people you don't know?? By communicating. In spite of the convenience of social media, it can never replace the quality of in person time.

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First day

Make it all about discovery.

Be comforted in knowing every single one of us fall short in this category, but every day presents us with a new opportunity to make a positive shift. Today can be the first day of a new start! Be intentional this week about scheduling an hour out of 1 day to spend time having fun with your baby. Not sure what they like? Don’t panic, make your first day about discovery!


Give the Gift of Time!

Special Thanks to
"Our Guest Blogger"
Takiyah Joseph, RCSWI
Registered Clinical Social Work Intern
Mommy and Therapist

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