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Parenting, in general, is hard work, and I've personally found it to be an interesting challenge to address those personality traits of my children that directly reflect my personality traits or that of their dad that we are still grooming.  You ever listened to or reflected on yourself saying "stop talking so loud" while at your highest octave? Have you ever told your child not to be scared knowing they've seen you jump out of your skin several times because you've spotted a bug invading your home?  Have you ever said to your child "fix your attitude" although it strongly resembles your attitude? Our children learn what emotions are and how to or how not to respond to them from us.

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let's be honest, they know!

One day I was meeting with a mother of a seven-year-old client whose grandfather died three years ago, and her mom said she told her daughter grandpa (whom she spoke with daily since she could remember) went on vacation. I began to explore with mom what she was looking for from me as a Therapist. It then became clear to me that mom's failure to tell her very intelligent daughter the truth about loss and grief was more about mom's inability to deal with her grief and loss, rather than the child's (in)ability to handle it.

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She doesn't need to know...

Actions speak louder than words!

It's important to differentiate between what you are feeling and what your child may be feeling based upon their verbal and non-verbal communication.  Children are influenced by their peers and others they encounter, however, the foundation is laid and reinforced in the home. Let's teach our children not to be afraid of their feelings, nor that of others; to do that we must embrace our own.

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Show them love and they will know love!

Teach them to love themselves and others by loving yourself and loving on them.  Each day is another chance, keep getting better!

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