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There are so many ways we can all "Be The Face Of Kindness"!  I honestly couldn't cover it all in this one blog.  However, I can start by showing you WHY we should.  I know we've all heard it over and over again, to be kind to one another, to do random acts of kindness, kindness is free, etc.  While all these statements are amazing and true, it may leave us thinking that being kind is a responsibility outside of ourselves.  We may often view being kind as something someone else should be doing. We may ask, why isn't he or she being kind?  Why doesn't that person be kinder to her family and friends?  This type of understanding will naturally make us look at everyone else and forget to look at ourselves. 


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The look and feel of kindness!


Kindness is transferrable, contagious and filled with love.  Believe it or not, there is always someone watching us, learning from us and emulating our behavior.  This could be a child, friend, student or a neighbor next door.  We must ask ourselves, what are they seeing?


Our Why?

We've started a BTFOK Ambassador Campaign to acknowledge those closest to us, that are doing their part to be the face of kindness.  There are several everyday heroes that understand the need for us to be the face of kindness.  We recognize there should be a platform to celebrate these individuals, so we created one that does just that!  I'm not exactly sure how many people we’ll influence but I do know it only takes one person to make a conscious decision to BTFOK!  That one person’s decision could be contagious enough to reach hundreds, those hundreds could reach thousands, and so the ripple effect begins.




We will choose one BTFOK Ambassador each month and celebrate them for their ability to BTFOK, that sets an example for others to see.  This month we congratulate our First BTFOK Ambassador, 9 years old Gavin Books!  Gavin volunteers at Feeding Tampa Bay and is always willing to help others.  He shows us how we can use our time to Be The Face Of Kindness.  If you know someone in your life that you'd like to acknowledge, let us know.  We love hearing about all the faces of kindness out there. 

Join our mailing list and follow us below to find out more details about why you should BTFOK!  Help us to vibrate kindness energy everywhere and to everyone.


Until Next time...#bethefaceofkindness