We Say Yes to School Visits!!

It was Amazing, Inspiring, Refreshing and Kind!


We’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few schools so far this year and it has been an absolute pleasure!  We recognized how important it is to connect with kids on their level, in their environment, to achieve the best possible impact.  Our children need to see how important reading is, realize all the amazing things they can accomplish when they believe and of course how they too, can Be The Face Of Kindness! 


What does it mean to Be The Face Of Kindness?

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The children at each school were super excited to learn all about Max and his friends!  We also introduced them to our Five Steps to BTFOK program, our BEKIND List and information on how to value themselves, despite their differences.  We were delighted the kids were happy to share the things they currently do to spread kindness.  Our BEKIND List gave them some more ideas to take home to their families.


Download your own copy of Our BEKIND List here!  Please feel free to share with your family and friends!

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Best thing I've ever heard...

During my first visit, one of the kids said to me, “Wow, you wrote that book all by yourself!”  I must say, that is the most incredible thing I’ve heard since becoming an author!  One statement from an innocent soul made me realize the impact we can all make in the life of children and adults everywhere.  We set out to write children’s books and ended up creating a platform to teach children on their level, how they can impact others, by simply Being The Face Of Kindness! 


Check out this awesome video on how we can Color the World with Kindness!  Be sure to have your little ones watch this amazing video.

video credit - A Better World


Until Next time...#bethefaceofkindness