Kindness, A Proven Step in Raising Successful Children!

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The first lessons of kindness can begin as young as early childhood. In fact, it's one of the top 10 important steps taken by parents to raise successful children who go on to become some of the most productive in society, according to Dr. L.B. Aknin, Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University.

As a mom of not one, but two amazing toddlers, I've been putting this to the test in my own home.  It all started when the 1st birthday, 1st holiday, and the 1st "just because" days that started with their grandparents. Before I knew it, my home was transforming into a combination of a toy store and baby gym.  By the 3rd round of birthdays and "just because days", I decided I've got to teach these babies about the importance and power of giving to others who are less fortunate or even create their own "just because days of giving!" Oh and let's not forget saving mommy and daddy's foot soles.  Plus, grandma, papa, nana and grandpupa had lots more from where that came from!!  

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So one day after building the courage to teach them this lifelong lesson of giving, as opposed to the silent attack of doing it while they were at school or asleep and pretending to search for the "missing toy!"  I explained to them the concept of gratefulness and giving.  Despite the initial hesitation, I ended up with their full buy-in, with them identifying at least one baby toy they could give away. We packed the toys up in the car trunk and were off to make our first donation.

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Since that first occasion, we have given at least two more times and they have now adjusted by often saying: "mommy those toys are for the other children right?"  I smile and say yes, with a huge sigh of relief for dodging another toddler tantrum and an imaginary high five for another life lesson learned.

Let's teach our babies how to BTFOK every day!


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Guest Blogger, Takiyah Joseph, MSW, RCSWI

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