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My kids loved it and it made the conversation on how to communicate if they’re having an issue at school. Max the Blue Jay Rocks!
— Takiyah Joseph
Beautiful illustration aside, this book takes a look at the both sides of bullying.
— Tamara Archer at T Archer Designs
What a great book for all children. Bought this book for my school age niece and nephews. Easy read and positive message.
— Lisa La
Max the Blue Jay is the best children’s book relating to Bullying in today’s society.
— Terrance Wolfe, The Man Kave Barbershop
I already have my books pre-ordered for Christmas gifts! The illustrations were so vibrant!
— Sharon Williams, Kreasions
Great book! I would recommend it to be apart of your child’s book collection.
— Amazon Customer
The story is perfectly in time, as we know bullying is rampant now a days. This is an eye opener to every child to be aware of bullying and how to deal with it. The book is a big source of kindness.

Read, learn and be kind...
— Mellanie Ann Duque
I think the book is great! As always the illustrations are vibrant and helps to tell the story. I also like the subject matter- I don’t often come across many books dealing with individuality outside of hair and beauty. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work! Max the Blue Jay “Is Not Fitting In”
— Tamara McNeil